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About Linda

I've lived a life of opportunity and abundance, which has included living and working in various parts of Ontario, including Ottawa, Canada's Capital and now in Rockland.

I've worked in the employment consulting field, mental health field and education field for several years as well as in law enforcement. I'm a member of ICF and an EFL teacher with over two years experience teaching online and over 15 years helping clients achieve their dream career. I've also developed and offered hundreds of seminars and workshops on mental health, stress, resilience, wellness, just about anything to help you live a greater life. 

Click here to view my professional profile on LinkedIn and please send me an email  if you'd like to contact me. 

Some testimonials

Linda is an extremely dynamic, energetic and responsible person who truly cares for her clients and co-workers. She is unbeatable at workshop facilitation and has a wealth of experience that she shares easily with co-workers. She is a terrific team member with great enthusiasm and a contagious sense of humour. Linda is a real pleasure to work with.  Jeanne G.

Linda is an exceptionally gifted and creative individual. An out of the box thinker and a experienced scholar, Linda is wise and dynamic. She understands the needs of her clients and always creates a positive and efficient atmosphere of cooperation. ~ Gabriel R.

"As usual, I found Linda in great shape to coach me on the subject at hand. I am more equipped to handle stress situations."  Anthony Zammit, Vice President Intregro Insurance Brokers

Merci Linda ! À la fin de la session je me suis sentie soulagée d'un gros fardot qui me pesait dessus. Je sais que j'ai du chemin à faire mais je vais travailler là dessus en petite dose. Je crois vraiment au dicton: " Petit train va loin."  Encore une fois, un gros merci. "  Ann D.

"Linda has experienced what I am feeling and has found the path out of darkness to sunshine. Her tips of how I can get out of my rut and onto a path were appreciated." Michael

I really enjoyed my experience. This was helpful and it motivated me to look at myself and think about me first. Ariane