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About Linda

Following my first divorce, I found it quite difficult to stay alone and found myself in other relationships quite fast. It took a while but I finally learned the importance of knowing who I am, of loving and accepting who I am and of living an authentic life, as a single woman. 

Since then, I've lived a life of opportunity and abundance, which has included living and working in various parts of Ontario, including Ottawa, Canada's Capital and now in Rockland.  I've worked in the employment consulting field, mental health field and education field for several years as well as in law enforcement.

Apart from the joy of being a mother of two and grand-mother of two, I also experience joy by continually setting new targets for my life.  My "low-level mid-life crisis" in my 40's has given me first-hand knowledge in how difficult it is to 'bounce-back'.  At that time, I was caring for my mother who had dementia and I needed to make a difficult decision several years after she moved in with me.

I started writing articles as the Solution Lady, a few years ago, when I was having to find solutions for every part of my personal life, including my divorces. I'll often write about change, wellness, relationships and redesigning yourself and you can read some of my articles on my blog or on Ezine. Some of the articles I wrote during the challenging times were also published on If you’d like to know more about my educational background, please ask.

During the last few years, life's opportunities taught me the value of relationships, the importance of communication and mutual respect, as well as self-care and self-love.

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