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Coaching conversation packages are available for individuals and for business.

If you are a business and want to offer coaching to your employees, please contact me for prices. 

one month Taster Plus coaching package $400 (Available in Fr/En)

one-month Taster Plus Coaching package 

3 coaching sessions  of 45-60 minutes each

+ email support

1 prerecorded webinar of your choice


three month I'm All In coaching package $1100 (Available in Fr/En)

3-month I'm All In Plus coaching package 

9 coaching sessions of 45-60 minutes each (3 per month)

+email support 

3 prerecorded webinars of your choice (one per month)


Career Coaching one month Basic package $500 (FR/EN)

3 career coaching sessions  up to 45 minutes each

+ 3 online inventories

+ email support

Career Coaching 3 month Extensive coaching package $1200 (FR/EN)

3-month Extensive Career coaching package 

9 coaching sessions of 45 minutes each

+ 4 online inventories

+email support