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Free E course 

If you are ready to meet the love of your life, consider taking my FREE ecourse which will provide you with tips and actions steps. Sign up now using the form below. Here's what you'll learn.

Lesson One: Becoming Ready to Find the Love of Your Life
Lesson Two: Dating Strategies for Finding the Love of Your Life
Lesson Three: Four Steps of Conscious Dating®
Lesson Four: Where to Find the Love of Your Life
Lesson Five: Making Contact: The Power Introduction

Once you've completed the E course you may register for a more intensive program such as the Self-Discovery and Readiness program. See below for more information.

No one can teach us how to be a successful single person, following a divorce.  Some of the skills need to be learned through trial and error, while others can be adopted over time by listening to someone who has successfully gone through the process.  I'd love to be one of the 'teachers' who will help you to live successfully as a single, now that you're ready. 

Other singles don't want to be alone for too long before they start looking for someone else or before they attract someone to them.

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Conscious Dating: Self-Discovery and Readiness Program 8 weeks

The Conscious Dating Readiness and Self Discovery program is an eight week program which helps YOU asks these questions and become clearer: "Who am I?" "What do I want?" and "How do get what I want?" and addresses areas of your life that may interfere with your readiness for a committed relationship.

Program activities include:

  • Relationship history
  • Personality assessment (traits, values, preferences, etc)
  • Identification of goals and action plans
  • Clarify Vision, Requirements, Needs, and Wants in a relationship
  • Develop profile of Life Partner
  • Develop "Relationship Plan" to manifest/attract Life Partner

This is a self paced program with access to the coaches feedback once a week on Sunday evenings.