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Conscious Dating: Self-Discovery and Readiness Program

Conscious Dating Program: Journey to Self Discovery and Readiness   


Program which helps you become clearer about "Who you are" "What you want?" and "How to get what you want?" and addresses areas of your life that may interfere with your readiness for a committed relationship.

Program themes will include:

  • Looking at limiting beliefs
  • Life Purpose and Life vision
  • Requirements, Needs, and Wants
  • My Relationship Plan
  • Entering the Attraction Stage

Some Program activities will include:

  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs
  • My collage, What I Want to Be, Do and Have
  • My Perfect Day in My Perfect Life
  • Relationship history and patterns
  • My relationship Requirements, My needs, My wants
  • Dating Strategies
  • Attraction Venues

This program is self paced and you'll have access to the coach during your course once a week on Sunday evenings. 



Conscious Dating Program

Enjoy the Conscious Dating Program  $197.00