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What do you want your children to remember you with

Last weekend, I spent a wonderful weekend with some friends, my younger son and his friends, as well as my father. My father has been preparing me for quite some time now for his eventual passing and it has me thinking about my passing. 

In a few years (quite a few years from now), I will be a mem…

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Are fears of risks stoping us from moving forward?

Do you ever try to learn new things and end up by forgetting or losing the old things. Well it happened again on my blog. I'm still learning about the wizard I'm using for my site and have deleted a blog I posted a few weeks ago on aging. I could rewrite it and try to remember the words I chose to u…

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I've had to rethink  what friendship means to me lately because a fellow walker assumed I was friends with a lady I've been walking with for the past year.  At first, I told him that we weren't friends, but that she thought we may have been.     

Do I consider the people that I walk with every…

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