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Are fears of risks stoping us from moving forward?

Do you ever try to learn new things and end up by forgetting or losing the old things. Well it happened again on my blog. I'm still learning about the wizard I'm using for my site and have deleted a blog I posted a few weeks ago on aging. I could rewrite it and try to remember the words I chose to use at the time, and Reg, the fellow who had commented, would have to reread it, possibly change his comment or not comment at all.  No matter how much I try to remember what I said , I would never be able to capture that moment, how I felt and what I thought of when the words spilt onto the page. 

A few weeks ago, I took a risk and started using that new wizard without knowing much about it.  That initial risk is now gone and I'm now in the process of learning a new tool, which if I hadn't risked and lost things, I would not have learned and moved to this moment in time. Every moment that passes is simply that, a 'moment', never to be seen again. Yet we pay so much attention and give so much to moments that are no longer.  We hold on to past mistakes, or pain from past events from moments that are no longer, yet those moments have a hold on our being and we perpetuate that with our thoughts and beliefs about those moments.

I'm ready and willing to make my tomorrow's moments different than this moment, and for that I must risk. I must step out of my comfort zone and take a chance. What stops you from taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone to enjoy your next moments? What prevents you from changing even the smallest of moments.



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Thank you Reg, for your comment and your encouraging words.