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KICK IT IN THE BUTT coaching program

Are you in midlife, separated or divorced and really trying hard to accomplish your goals?

Have you tried to succeed on your own, and have 'failed'?

I'm here to help with the

KICK IT IN THE BUTT coaching program

Have you noticed that it's slightly more challenging to maintain your goals when you feel all alone?

In this Kick it in the Butt Coaching program, you'll discover the tools and strategies to set goals and stick with them.You'll also set goals, using the strategies discussed and be on your way to succeed. With your actions and the support you'll receive you will feel absolutely in control of your choices.

6 month Program includes

one face to face meeting (could be skype/phone) to get to know each other and to determine your overall goals

    6 monthly webinars (First Sunday of the Month):

                Vision and Goal setting: What do you want?
             Let’s talk about Self Sabotage: How those nasty voices kills your chances of success
                Procrastination:  Me?  No way? Tips to overcome procrastination and succeed
               Confidence:  Can I keep doing this?  YES and here’s how to do it
                Choices:  How what you think and Choose colors your choices
                What Matters Most to You: Building a Fulfilling Life on the Foundation of your Values
12 follow up (done over a online platform)           (2nd and 4th Sunday of the month)

Here's what you'll learn

  • How to set goals to make sure you succeed
  • How to minimize the voices you hear when you're getting close to the end
  • Tips to overcome procrastination
  • How to capture the confidence you need to keep going

Here's what you're getting

  • Training on the first Sunday of the month 
  • Access to the coach on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month for live Q and A
  • Access to the coach via email and private facebook group
  • Opportunity for support and being held 'accountable'

For a more detailed description please go here.