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I offer a variety of professional development themes all designed to bring more fun, insight and learning to your work environment. 

Popular themes

  • Comment gérer le stress et l'épuisement au travail et garder son mieux être (French and available in English, too)
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Stress management and coping with day to day challenges
  • How to manage stress, avoid burnout and stay well
  • Conscious Living: Are you completely aware of what you want?
  • Mental health and you: Keeping your sanity in this 'crazy' world
  • Wellness:  Make it work for you!
  • Work Life Balance: How to make it more possible? 
  • Add a bit of laughter to your life:  Intro to Laughter Yoga
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Wellness for caregivers 101
  • Retirement Planning: Planning for a full and fun life after your career
  • Using the MBTI to understand your team and improve your work environment. 

Some Testimonials

I really enjoyed this workshop (Manage Your Stress). Was sad to see it end.

Sandy Corrigan, Account Manager | Millennium CreditRisk Management

"As usual, I found Linda in great shape to coach me on the subject at hand. I am more equipped to handle stress situations."

Anthony Zammit
Vice President

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Merci Linda !
À la fin de la session je me suis sentie soulagée d'un gros fardot qui me pesait dessus. Je sais que j'ai du chemin à faire mais je vais travailler là dessus en petite dose. Je crois vraiment au dicton: " Petit train va loin."
Encore une fois, un gros merci. "  Ann D.

"Linda has experienced what I am feeling and has found the path out of darkness to sunshine. Her tips of how I can get out of my rut and onto a path were appreciated." Michael

'I really enjoyed my experience. This was helpful and it motivated me to look at myself and think about me first." Ariane

"I enjoyed the seminar.  It's very helpful to have someone lead you into the need to focus on this issue.  Without it, I'm sure I wouldn't have put the time and effort on my own.  Over time, I may have come to similar conclusions, but this way is much faster and rewarding."   Dave