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seminars and workshops 

No one can teach us how to be successful and how to thrive especially in the world we now live in.  Unfortunately, some of the skills need to be learned through trial and error, while others can be adopted over time by trying new ways of doing things. I'd love to be one of the 'mentors' who will help you and your organization thrive, be more energetic and be of service to your community whether you are a teacher, mental health worker or a community leader.

If you or your organization

  • needs to reenergize, to get back on track or simply want to improve productivity
  • want to improve moral, are going through some changes or want to let your staff know that you care about them

Then you will enjoy what I can offer your team.   


I offer a variety of professional development themes all designed to bring more fun, insight and learning in to your work environment. 

Popular themes

  • Comment gérer le stress et l'épuisement au travail et garder son mieux être (French and available in English, too)
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Stress management and coping with day to day challenges
  • How to manage stress, avoid burnout and stay well
  • Conscious Living: Are you completely aware of what you want?
  • Mental health and you: Keeping your sanity in this 'crazy' world
  • Wellness:  Make it work for you!
  • Work Life Balance: How to make it more possible? 
  • Add a bit of laughter to your life:  Intro to Laughter Yoga
  • Wellness for caregivers 101
  • Retirement Planning: Planning for a full and fun life after your career
  • Using the MBTI to understand your team and improve your work environment. 
  • An introduction to Emotional Intelligence