The Camino Blues- Are they for real?

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The Camino Blues- are they for real?


The paths along the rugged coastline of the Camino del Norte are something else. While many people choose the popular French Way, I went for the less busy but equally meaningful Camino del Norte. Little did I know that coming back from this coastal pilgrimage would bring on the Camino Blues – a mix of emotions after a big change.

Dealing with Change:

The Camino del Norte really changes you, but putting it into words is tricky. Now that I’m back to normal life, I’m feeling this thing called the Camino Blues. It’s like a way of acknowledging the big changes inside me that I can’t fully explain yet.

Missing the Journey:

I’ve got this unexpected feeling of loss since I got back – not for what I lost, but for the person I was on those coastal trails: determined, grateful, tired, happy, afraid etc`. Going back to everyday life feels strange compared to the solitude and self-discovery I had on the Camino del Norte.

Remembering Friends:

I made some good friends on the Camino del Norte, even though there weren’t many of us. As I get back into my routine, I miss those shared moments and chats. The connections I made, like the couple that found my credit card in the middle of nowhere or the young man from Holland who was walking to decide what was next for him. These connections are still with me, making the Camino Blues feel more real.

Recalling the Highlights:

When I’m stuck in the Camino Blues, I think about the special moments from my trip. The rainy mornings and days, the various hotels where I stayed, the chats with locals, the time I fell in the mud, or when I had to go to the bathroom close to a tree in the field, the farmer who gave me a huge lemon, the multiple ‘coincidences’ or miracles as I called them – each memory shows me what made the Camino del Norte unique. These moments and many others are the parts that stand out in my memory.

Personal Changes:

Life is always changing, and the Camino del Norte sped that up for me. The Camino Blues are part of that – they’re like points on the map of getting to know myself better. It’s not just about the steps I took; it’s about the moments that made me who I am now and I know that I am not the same person I was before I left.

Finding Comfort in Writing:

Writing about the Camino Blues is helping me deal with it. It’s a way to sort through all these feelings and make sense of coming back. Expressing what I can’t quite explain helps me find comfort in the ups and downs after the Camino. Yes, the blues, the Camino blues are real. I’ve recently found out that this is something that other pilgrims have experienced. No one told me before the walk that I would experience this sensation of grief, and nowhere have I been able to talk about it, hense writing about it today and I know it won’t be the last.


Going through the Camino Blues after the less-traveled Camino del Norte shows how much the journey can shake things up. As I work through these emotions now that I’m in Mexico, I see the blues as a normal part of coming back. Even after the trails of the Camino del Norte are behind me, the memories will stick around, shaping my path in everyday life.

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