About Linda

I’ve been a coach for several years, and have also worked as a mental health worker, a teacher/professor, and an employment consultant. My mission is to provide coaching and training that inspires and guides the + 45 to live their best life now so they can love what they do. I do this by being authentic, and transparent and by offering coaching and training programs. I also do this by assisting you to get clear on your direction, strategize your actions, evaluate your skills, consider your environment and master your inner gremlin especially when you are starting over. I’ve developed and offered hundreds of seminars and workshops on mental health, stress management, resilience, wellness, all to help you love your life now.

Several years ago, while taking care of my kids, my mother, and working full-time in the mental health system, I experienced burnout. After I took a sick leave I gradually started learning new skills, techniques, and practices that I now incorporate into my daily life.  Teaching these skills and incorporating them into my coaching practice is part of the work I love doing.

I earned the designation of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through Relationship Coaching Institute in California and am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) (Ottawa Chapter). The ICF sets the standards and Code of Ethics for the coaching profession.

Since determining what I truly wanted, I have lived a life of opportunity and abundance, which has included living and working in various parts of Ontario, including Ottawa, Canada’s Capital. I travel a few times of the year and offer my coaching services from wherever I live.

I’m Your Back In The Groove Again coach and enjoy helping professionals over 40 to live their best lives now, so they love what they do.

Let’s get you Back in The Groove Again™