Are you ready to set goals and be accountable to a coach who will be understanding, want the best for you and hold you accountable to what you truly desire to accomplish?  The All About Accountability  is a 3-month program designed to help you move forward with a specific goal in one or two areas of your life.

What’s It About:

Group* sessions:   Benefit from weekly sessions for the duration of the three months where we’ll focus on  your wins, your goals, and discuss what may have held you back. In all, the program is designed to move you forward, so you feel you are creating what you want for yourself. Since it’s offered in a group setting, you’ll also benefit from the group format. *Group is defined as having more than one person in attendance.

OR Individual sessions:  Same as the group description but you are the only individual and on a month to month basis. 

Email Support: In between our sessions, you can email me if you need some support or if you want to celebrate a win.  

The group program is offered for three months* with one session a week.  Sessions may be between 30 and 45 minutes or more depending on the size of the group, and will never be more than one hour. 

Each call will begin with the wins,  (reviewing the goals that were set the week before, discussing and celebrating the goals that have been met, and when a goal has not been met,  chatting around what may have prevented you from being successful and planning around that.

There will also be some time to chat about the goals for the following week. The agreement is very straightforward and will be included in an email when you’ve decided to move forward. 

There are different price points to accommodate your budget whether in a group or as an individual. The service is the same no matter the fee.  I believe we should all have access to these types of programs and that paying ‘something’ helps you to invest more of yourself. 

Should you require other accommodations, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected] 

Individual Choose your payment option, make the payment for the month, then you’ll be redirected to my scheduler where you can book your first session (if individual) . 

For the group program, you’ll be redirected to my scheduler where you’ll find one option Monday’s at 10 AM or 12:00 EST. Group programs start on the 1st Monday of the month. Payment is for 3 months.

You can download the accountability guide, complete it and send it to me via email at [email protected]

Once we get started you’ll also need to complete a coaching prep form,  

Individual accountability coaching 

Group accountability coaching