Embark on Your Camino Mastery Journey!

Are you ready to turn your dream of walking the Camino into a reality? Welcome to “Camino Mastery,” an 8-week program meticulously designed to prepare you mentally, physically, and spiritually for the pilgrimage of a lifetime.

What Awaits You

Week 1: Orientation and Goal Setting
  • Introduction to the Camino journey.
  • Goal setting for the program.
  • Overview of the Camino routes and their unique characteristics.
Week 2: Mental Preparation – Part 1
  • Visualization exercises for the Camino journey.
  • Discussion on the mental aspects of long-distance walking.
  • Setting intentions for the pilgrimage.
Week 3: Physical Preparation – Part 1
  • Introduction to a walking routine.
  • Guidelines for increasing walking distance.
  • Tips for proper footwear and gear.
Week 4: Accommodation Choices and Planning
  • Overview of accommodation options (hostels, hotels, albergues).
  • How to plan daily distances and select resting spots.
  • Discussion on communal living on the Camino.
Week 5: Mental Preparation – Part 2
  • Advanced visualization exercises.
  • Coping strategies for challenges on the Camino.
  • Building mental resilience.
Week 6: Physical Preparation – Part 2
  • Progressive walking distances.
  • Incorporating elevation changes in training.
  • Importance of rest days and recovery.
Week 7: Equipment and Packing Tips
  • Detailed discussion on necessary equipment.
  • Packing tips for different types of accommodations.
  • Q&A session on equipment and gear.
Week 8: Final Preparations and Community Building
  • Final checklist and preparations.
  • Group discussion on expectations and concerns.
  • Setting the stage for community support on the Camino.

Program Highlights:

  • Recorded Sessions: Access informative and engaging video sessions at your own pace.
  • Weekly Accountability Calls: Join live calls for personalized support, motivation, and discussions.
  • Resource Library: Gain access to a wealth of resources, including recommended apps, websites, and packing lists.
Your Journey Begins Now!
Transform your Camino dream into a reality. Join “Camino Mastery” and embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and triumph. Let each step be a testament to your strength and determination.
Don’t miss this chance to prepare comprehensively for the Camino. Your transformative pilgrimage awaits!