Three months online community and coaching support

Next group coaching program starts the week of April 22, 2024 

Embrace The Change is for individuals who would love solo traveling and hesitate for various reasons. It’s also perfect for anyone going through a significant life transitions and open to the idea of travel as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.  

Whether it’s redefining your identity post-retirement or post-divorce, filling the void of an empty nest, or seeking direction after job loss or during recovery from illness, or simply for the joy of traveling on your own,  Embrace The Change offers a guided path to renewal.

If you’re longing for a solo experience, this program will prepare you to feel more confident,  and ready to travel by yourself. 

Whether you register for the individual coaching or as part of the group coaching, the Core program will be similar (adjusted slightly for individuals).

As part of the program, you will have unlimited access to our online community, where you can ask questions, share insights, build meaningful connections, and during our sessions, you’ll receive dedicated coaching support to help you deal with any obstacle you may encounter before, during (offered via email- if necessary or zoom if needed) or after your traveling experience (4 weeks of integration).

You must go through the Wellness Odyssey Explore program before starting the core program. It’s part of the program but can be taken independently for those that prefer a shorter commitment. 

Wellness Odyssey Foundation: All participants signing up for the 3 month program are required to complete the Wellness Odyssey Explore component before embarking on their trip. This foundation phase is in part to help you choose the traveling transformative experience. 

Core Program Highlights:

  • Pre-Trip Preparation: The adventure begins at home, with five weeks dedicated to preparing for the travel experience. This includes mindfulness,  mindset work, and practical departure preparations, all designed to prime you for the most impactful experience.

  • Integration and Action Post-Getaway: Upon returning from your trip, the focus shifts to integrating your experiences and insights into your daily life. The final four weeks are dedicated to applying principles of success, setting goals, and taking strategic actions towards your envisioned future.

  • Online Community and Coaching Support: From the moment you join, gain unlimited access to a supportive online community and dedicated coaching. This support extends before, during (via email or Zoom if necessary), and after your getaway, ensuring you have the guidance and connections needed to navigate this pivotal time.

This program is an option for individuals who prefer a shorter commitment. The Explore component is also a requirement for the core program.
In this short coaching program, we’ll meet for one session before the traveling experience (to help you dream of your ideal experience), and one session after the traveling experience and you’ll receive a journal to process your journey. 
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